Kevin Michael Schott

Kevin Michael Schott

As a Software Engineer & IT Consultant with more than 8 years of professional experience, my work is agile and remote by nature. I offer web and mobile app development, consulting and agile coaching with modern frameworks. If you think we can work together, feel free to send me an email.



The Lego for Web 3

Rain is for people who want to build amazing things in Web 3, using the principles that brought us Bitcoin, Ethereum and other permissionless networks and tools. Snap pieces together, build something new, progress every day.

Technology is the next nature

The Next Nature Network is a nature organization that wants to go forward to nature. They create events, exhibitions, publications and products that bring biology and technology into balance.

Episode ratings for entire series

TVCharts is a simple web application, that allows users to search and display results as charts of episode ratings over the entire run of a TV series from IMDb.

NFC tags everywhere

Build your smart home with custom NFC tags, that can be configured via a mobile app like you want to them to. Trigger an action on each scan, get clever analytics and share it with your friends.

Carsten Greif

After working together for several years, Carsten is the best and most visionary Designer I know. If you are loooking for UX Design and building an amazing brand: He is your best match.

Apps for content creators

Focusing on building modern tools for content creators to help them monetizing their content. The vision is to raise public awareness of the subject of social media as a profession.

Linkpages for free

A mobile app to create a modern linkpage in the fastest way possible. The heart of this app is to provide meaningful analytics for the creators.

Multimedia website for influencers

When influencers need a way to sell their digital goods, sellby is the best choise. You can easily build a custom page and add your products for selling like a one-stop online shop.